View Sites and Channels Analytics

The Sites and Channels graphs and charts let you see usage, utilization, and traffic analytics for your created sites and channels.

You can also add JavaScript tracking code to sites and pages for web analytics tracking, making it easier to integrate with external analytics providers like Google, Adobe, or Oracle Infinity.

To view site and channel statistics:

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience web application as an administrator, click Analytics in the navigation menu.
  2. In the Analytics menu, click Sites and Channels.
  3. By default, the Sites and Channels page shows data for all sites and channels, in all languages, for the specified period (by default, the last 30 days). To filter the data, enter the site or channel name or a specific language in the search boxes, or select a different period from the drop-down list.

The following table summarizes the statistics for sites and channels.

Statistics Description
Number of Visits A line graph indicates the number of visits over a number of days for sites and channels. This counts "unique visits", and these are unique within a 1-hour period. So, if you visit a site 20 times within 1 hour, it still counts as only 1 unique visit.

A visit is counted for each channel and at a 60-minute granularity. That is, if a visitor visits the same site in 2 different hours in a day, it's counted as 2 visits.

Top Languages A bar chart shows the top six languages for site and channel visits.
Devices A pie chart shows devices used to visit sites and channels.
Browsers A pie charts shows browsers used to visit sites and channels.
Most Visited A bar chart shows the most visited sites and channels over a number of days.
Least Visited A bar chart shows the least visited sites and channels over a number of days.

For more information on the analytics data and the features available in the charts, graphs, and reports, see Understand Analytics. For example, you can download a CSV file containing the data being displayed by clicking Export chart data icon.