Compile a Site for Mobile Devices

You can use the OCE Toolkit to compile a mobile layout for a site web page. The mobile layout can be different from the desktop page layout for the same content. Or the mobile and desktop layouts can be the same.

In the site editor, you can choose the same page layout for mobile devices as the desktop layout, or you can specify a different page layout. With OCE Toolkit, you can compile the static layout for mobile devices separately.

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You can view the site page differently on a mobile device. A page rendered on a mobile device might not have a banner like the page does in a desktop layout. For example, the following web page has a mobile page layout.

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In OCE Toolkit, the help page for cec compile-template shows the targetDevice option for targeting a particular device when you compile a site template:

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When you compile your site, you can specify whether you want to compile for desktop or for mobile. Desktop files are placed under static/_files. Mobile files are placed under static/_mobilefiles.

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After you compile a template for mobile devices, the OCE Toolkit command upload-static-site-files will support the mobile files.