Publish Themes

A theme defines the general look-and-feel of a site. You can update a theme to change the appearance of any sites using the theme.

If a site uses a new, unpublished theme, the theme is automatically published with the site when you place the site online for the first time. If you make changes to a theme and want to update online sites to show the changes, you must explicitly publish the theme. To publish changes to a theme, you must be the theme owner or have the Manager role.


If you publish changes to a theme, all online sites using the theme reflect the change. Make sure you tested your changes offline and that you understand the impact on the associated sites before you publish updates to a theme.

To publish a theme:

  1. Click Developer and then View All Themes.
  2. Select an existing theme from the list of themes.
  3. Click Publish from the menu bar or the right-click menu.
  4. Click Confirm to proceed and then click OK. A published icon Published icon is added next to the theme in the list.