Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can provide keywords to help search engines identify the contents of your site.

SEO Settings

Search engine optimization (SEO) settings are defined at the site level and at the page level. The SEO text will be rolled into all out-of-the box templates, in the footer.

See Set Search Engine Properties.

Cookies for Site Visitors

Site visitors use cookies for SEO, one cookie for each browser and each site, for billing purposes. Each cookie needs to be renewed hourly or after 24 hours.

Description of standardpopup.png follows
Description of the illustration standardpopup.png

Each site must include a popup that notifies visitors about cookies.

Description of standardfootersupporttext.png follows
Description of the illustration standardfootersupporttext.png

The popup should include the following information:

  • SEO header and footer text

  • Div in footer with a specific ID, where the text will be picked up and linked to

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Description of the illustration standardfootercode.png

Privacy Policy Page

The text will link to the privacy policy page, which has advisory text.

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Description of the illustration standardprivacypolicypagecontent.png

Inner HTML for Search Engine Optimization

When you save component data in Site Builder, you can save the Inner HTML that would be produced if the component were rendered at runtime. This Inner HTML is stored in the page data so that when the page is rendered, the data can be inserted into the page in place of the component. This can happen very early in the page rendition, allowing a search engine more chance to successfully crawl the page content.