Social Bar

Easily add icons and links to popular social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The social bar includes some targets by default, but you can add and remove items in the social bar.

Social Bar component

To add and modify a social bar:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit and make sure that Edit switch is set to Edit.
  2. Add the component to the page. The social bar shows the icons included by default.
  3. To add or change the icons in the social bar, click its menu icon Component Menu icon, choose Settings, and click Icons at the top of the General tab.

    To remove a social icon, click the x next to the name. To add an icon, the icon must be stored in the site repository or another repository to which you have access. You can also use images that were shared with you or that you uploaded from a local or network file location.

  4. To upload one or more icons from a local or network location:
    1. Click Add Icons at the top of the panel.
    2. Navigate to the location in the repository where you want to store the image or click New Folder icon to add a new folder in the current location.
    3. Click Upload icon.
    4. Locate and select the image file or files and then click Open.
      The image files are uploaded to the current location in the repository.
  5. Select one or more images in the repository and click OK.
    1. Locate and click the image or images you want to use.
    2. To link to the file in the repository, select Use a reference to the original file instead of copying the file to the site. If you do not select this option, a copy of the file is stored with the site and is referenced from the site. Linking to the original file avoids duplicating the content. The link allows site visitors to see the content even if the permissions on the file change or would otherwise restrict viewing.
    3. Click OK.
    The selected images are added to the list of images. Drag and drop the images to reorder them in the list. The default title of each image is the file name without the extension.
  6. To change the target URL, title, description or other options for a particular image, click the image in the list and make the change.
    When you’re done updating individual icons, click Back to specify general options.
  7. Specify the size, spacing, orientation, and alignment for all of the icons in the social bar.