Step 3: Publish the Website

Now that you have successfully created your website, you can publish it to make it available online for your users to see.

  1. Once everything looks good, you can commit your changes to the base website by clicking Commit in the upper right of Site Builder.
  2. In the Commit Update dialog, click Commit.
  3. Once the changes are committed, the website is ready to be published.
  4. Close Site Builder.
  5. Click Sites in the left navigation menu in the Oracle Content and Experience web interface and select the website.
  6. Choose Publish from the menu bar or right-click menu.
  7. Once the website is published, a notification is displayed at the top of the page mentioning the website has been published.
  8. On the Sites page, select the website again, and then choose Bring Online from the menu bar or right-click menu. In the Bring Online dialog, choose Confirm to proceed and click Bring Online.
  9. That's it. Your website is online and others can view it.

    To view your public website, select View from the menu bar or right-click menu.

    Description of view_minimal_site.png follows
    Description of the illustration view_minimal_site.png