Understand Themes

A theme defines the general look-and-feel—the overall style—of a site, including color scheme, font size, font type, and page backgrounds. Themes provide visual consistency between the pages in the site. You adjust the design and add content to create a site that sells your style, your brand, and your vision.

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A theme includes:

  • Page layouts

  • Cascading style sheet (CSS)

  • Variations on the style sheet

  • Configuration files

  • Background code that defines site navigation

Each website uses a theme. When you create the site from a template, you inherit the theme from the template. You can change the theme for a site at any time.

Oracle Content and Experience provides a number of templates with themes that you can use to get started. To create a new theme, copy an existing theme. You can download and modify the theme files, or you can use the desktop app and synchronize the changes you make on your local system. For information about other ways to create themes, see Develop Themes.

Developers can also create a theme which uses a specific subset of components. When creating a site using one of these themes, you’ll be shown only those components that are allowed with that theme. In this way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not a component is valid for the theme you’ve chosen. You can still use any seeded components along with the themed components.

If a site uses a new, unpublished theme, the theme is automatically published with the site when you place the site online for the first time. If you make changes to a theme and want to update online sites to show the changes, you must explicitly publish the theme. Only the theme owner or a user with Manager privileges can explicitly publish a theme.


If you publish changes to a theme, all online sites that use the theme reflect the change. For example, if you change the default font in the theme and publish the theme, all sites using the theme will use the new default font.