Include videos from Oracle Content and Experience to add motion and visual engagement to the page.

Oracle Content and Experience offers several options to add video to a page. You can embed YouTube Videos hosted on their site, or you can add a video stored, managed, and delivered from Oracle Content and Experience to take advantage of the automatic transcoding and optimized streaming Video Plus offers. This is useful when sites are served to multiple devices with different capabilities. If your system administrator has not enabled Video Plus then standard video is an option.

To use videos hosted by YouTube, see YouTube Videos.

To use a video stored in an Oracle Content and Experience documents or asset repository:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit and make sure that the Edit switch ( Edit switch ) is set to Edit.
    1. To use a video stored as a digital asset, open the Assets panel and use it to search for the video you want to use, then select it and drag it onto the page.
      Assets panel
    2. Alternately, add the Video component to the page from the component list. The component shows a placeholder image until you select the video you want to use.
  2. If you dragged an asset from the Assets panel or a video component from the component list, use the menu icon ( Component Menu icon ) to adjust the video display properties or navigate to a video for the video component. Click the menu and choose Settings.
  3. To choose a video for the video component, click Select to open the Documents and Digital Assets tabs and navigate to the video you want to add from Oracle Content and Experience. Select it and click OK.
    1. If Video Plus is enabled, you can select different repositories, search channels, collections and keywords, and filter assets to help you narrow your search when navigating to a video.
    2. When using standard video, choose a video file of type MP4. The MP4 video format is common to all supported browsers. Also, some standard videos have a predefined preview image. Those that don’t show a blank screen as the preview image. If you want to use a graphic in place of a blank screen, click Select in the video settings dialog and choose a preview image from Oracle Content and Experience.
  4. Once you have selected a video either by dragging one from the assets panel or selecting one from the settings dialog, use the settings dialog to specify any display options:
    • Show Controls: Enable on-screen and device options to allow the user to manually control video playback.
    • Autoplay: Automatically start video playback.
    • Loop: Automatically repeat the video after it completes.
    • Muted: Automatically mute the video when the page loads.
  5. Specify any width, alignment or spacing options to position the video.
  6. Click Style to choose or define a custom style for the video border.