Install the Starter Site CLI

To install the Starter Site CLI for React development, you can download a zip file, unzip it, and use the npm install command.

Follow these steps for installation:

  1. Get the files for the Starter Site CLI from here:

    git clone

    Or you can download from GitHub:

  2.  cd content-and-experience-toolkit/react-starter-sites
  3. If you are behind a corporate web proxy, configure npm to work with your proxy:

    npm config set proxy 
    npm config set https-proxy
  4. Run the npm install command:

    npm install -g

    For a Mac, run the following command instead:

    sudo npm install -g

If you want to reinstall the CLI, uninstall it first:

npm uninstall -g cecss-cli

For a Mac, use the following command instead to untinstall the CLI:

sudo npm uninstall -g cecss-cli