Run CLI Commands

After installation, you can run the command cecss -h to see the usage.

Usage: cecss <command> [options]
Run 'cecss <command> -h' to get the detailed help for the command.
  cecss create-site <name>               Creates the site <name> for the 
content from local or from OCE server.
  cecss export-server-content <channel>  Create content template based on 
the channel <channel>, then export and download the archive from OCE server.
  cecss list-server-content-types        List all content types from server.
  cecss list-server-channels             List all channels from server.
  cecss develop                          Start development server. Watches 
files, rebuilds, and hot reloads if something changes.
  cecss build                            Build an OCE starter site.
  cecss serve                            Serve previoysly build OCE starter 
  --help, -h     Show help                                                                                                                                                 
  --version, -v  Show version number