Convert a Legacy Repository to Support Digital Asset Types

Repositories created before February 2021 don't support digital asset types. To take advantage of digital asset types, you'll need to convert those legacy repositories and the digital assets in them.

You can see which repositories need to be converted on the Repositories page. Repositories that haven't been converted display a Convert button in the right column. Repositories that have already been converted display a message in the right column indicating whether the conversion was successful; this message will disappear after 14 days. Repositories with a Conversion Successful message or with nothing in the right column support digital asset types.
Repositories page showing conversion status (described in text)

When you convert a repository, each digital asset in the repository will be converted to use one of the seeded digital asset types (Image, Video, Video Plus, or File) and will be saved as a new version. During conversion, users won't be able to use the repository. Depending on the number of digital assets in your repository, conversion may be a lengthy process. You'll see a progress bar above the repository indicating the progress of the conversion, and the message in the right column will say Converting. After conversion, you may need to republish the assets in the repository.


Conversion can't be undone.

To convert a legacy repository to support digital asset types:

  1. On the Repositories page, click Convert next to the repository you want to convert. You can alternatively, select the repository or right-click the repository, and then click Convert.
  2. After conversion completes successfully, republish assets as necessary.

To view details of a repository conversion, select or right-click the repository, and then click Conversion Report. You'll see the status, date, and time of the conversion, and you can download a detailed conversion report. The downloaded report is a JSON file that shows entries for each digital asset, including the asset ID, asset name, and the digital asset type applied to the asset.


Access to the conversion report disappears after 14 days, like the conversion status message.