Publish Assets

You publish assets to make them available for use in sites or other channels. You can publish assets immediately or schedule them to be published at a later time and date.


You can't publish assets in a business repository.

To publish an asset:

  1. On the Assets page, right-click or select the assets you want to publish.
  2. Choose Publish Now or Publish Later from the right-click menu or the Publish menu. If the asset is already scheduled for publishing, you won't see the Publish Now option.
  3. If you selected Publish Later, enter a name for the publishing job so you can easily find it on the publishing calendar, and select when you want to publish.
  4. If necessary, select a publishing channel. Assets can be pretargeted to a particular channel, making it easy for you to publish them using that channel, or you can select an alternative channel to use for the asset.

    If you need to select a different channel click Selected, select one or more channels.

  5. Click Validate.

    Oracle Content and Experience compares the assets to the approval and localization policies of the channel. The validation results list the status of the selected assets, any associated translations, and any dependent assets, showing whether the assets adhere to the approval and localization policies that were set for the channel. You can filter the results by channel or by status.

    If another version of the asset is already scheduled for publishing, you must schedule publishing for a date later than the previously scheduled publishing or you'll receive an error.

  6. To remove an asset from publishing, click the X next to the asset.
  7. When all assets show a status of "Ready", click Publish (if you selected to publish now) or Schedule (if you selected to publish later).

If you scheduled your assets to publish later, the asset versions are reserved for publishing, allowing you to work on new versions as necessary. You can view the calendar of publishing jobs on the Publishing Jobs page.

Publishing Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind about publishing assets:

  • Some channels may require assets to be approved before they can be published.
  • If you’re publishing a content item and it’s been translated, the version you’re publishing must be set as translated before it can be published. Select the translated version, and click Set as Translated to show that the version has been approved.
  • If you select multiple assets to publish, all the channels the assets are targeted to will be shown. For example, if you have two assets that are targeted for publishing to Channel A and one asset targeted to Channel B, then "Channel A (2)" and "Channel B (1)" appears in the Channel list, indicating the number of assets targeted to each channel.
  • You can't publish assets until they have been validated against the policies of the channels to which they'll be published. After validating, you see results showing you which assets follow the policies and which do not.
  • When an asset is published, a new version is created and the number to the left of the decimal point is increased. For example, if you publish version 1.2, the published version becomes version 2.
  • For scheduled publishing, any new versions that were created between the time of scheduling and publishing will be renumbered. For example, if you scheduled publishing of version 1.2, then created versions 1.3 and 1.4, the published version becomes version 2, version 1.3 becomes version 2.1, and version 1.4 becomes version 2.2.

To add digital assets or content items to sites, see Work with Assets and Content Items.