View Asset Translation Job Details

On the Translation Jobs page, click a translation job to view its details.

The translation job details lists the following information:
  • The translation job name and repository.
  • The status of the job:
    • Ready status icon (Ready) - The .zip file of exported assets is ready to be downloaded.
    • In progress status icon (In Progress) - The .zip file has been downloaded. The status will remain in progress until all translations for all targeted languages have been imported successfully.
    • Complete status icon (Complete) - The translations for all targeted languages for this job have been imported successfully.
    • Failed status icon (Failed) - The translation job failed. You should have seen a failure message above the banner about why the job failed. If you need to see the message again, click Details in the translation job listing. To resubmit a failed job, select it and choose Resubmit in the right-click menu or actions bar. The original job is deleted and a new one submitted.
  • When the job was last updated.
  • The source and target languages, and the status of each target language.

If your translation uses a translation connector, you'll see additional information:

  • The translation connector used for the job.
  • The status of the translation. Click Refresh to refresh the translation job details.
  • If your translation connector provides validation data of the upload to Language Service Provider step, you can download the details in a JSON file by clicking Download icon.

    You can also view validation data for the assets by expanding the List of assets. The validation data includes whether the fields or attributes and any associated native files are translatable. If the connector encounters any problem while uploading the asset to the Language Service Provider, an error would be shown.

To import the translations:

  1. Click Import.
  2. Oracle Content Management validates the translation package. If you want to see which assets are included in the translation job, click the link in the dialog.

    If the translation job includes native media files, any translated language with a missing native media file will use the source language file, or, if this is an update to a previously translated language, the existing translated file will be retained.

  3. When you're ready to import the translations, click Import.

    The status of the import appears above the banner. You can view the details of the job by clicking Details.