Manage Asset Translation Jobs

When you export content items for translation, a translation job is created. You can then download the files for translation, translate them, and then import the translated files.


  • If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, translation jobs aren't supported. To take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.
  • Only digital assets based on custom digital asset types can be localized. Those based on seeded digital asset types can't be.

Before you can manage a translation job, you need to export assets. See Localize Assets.

To see a list of translation jobs, click Sites in the side navigation and then Translation Jobs in the banner menu. The Translation Jobs page lists all translation jobs and their status:
  • Ready status icon (Ready) - The .zip file of exported assets is ready to be downloaded.
  • In progress status icon (In Progress) - The .zip file has been downloaded. The status will remain in progress until all translations for all targeted languages have been imported successfully.
  • Complete status icon (Complete) - The translations for all targeted languages for this job have been imported successfully.
  • Failed status icon (Failed) - The translation job failed. You should have seen a failure message above the banner about why the job failed. If you need to see the message again, click Details in the translation job listing. To resubmit a failed job, select it and choose Resubmit in the right-click menu or actions bar. The original job is deleted and a new one submitted.

You can perform the following actions:

  • To search for translation jobs by name or custom attributes, enter your search terms in the search box.
  • To filter or sort the list of translation jobs, select options in the drop-down lists at the top of the list.
  • To view the details of a translation job, open it. The details include the source language, all the selected targeted languages, any additional data fields included in the translation, and the status of those translations.
  • To download the .zip file of exported assets for a job, select the job, and click Download.
  • To delete a job, select the job and click Delete.
  • To import translations, click Import, then click Upload, select the .zip file of translated assets, then click OK.

    Oracle Content Management validates that all the translations that are defined in the job are available in the .zip file. If you want to see which assets are included in the translation job, click the link in the dialog. When you're ready to import the translations, click Import.