8 Manage Audience Attributes

Recommendations are a way to provide personalized experiences for website visitors by showing assets based on location or areas of interest. Audience attributes are what recommendations use to find and display that personalized content. They can include things like viewer location, the date a viewer is visiting the site, or what products interest a viewer.

For example, when a viewer in California visits a site with recommended content, they may be shown upcoming events in Los Angeles about cloud computing. If a person in France visits the same site, they would see upcoming events in Paris.

You use audience attributes when creating the rules in a recommendation. There are three types of audience attributes:

  • Custom—created by a site administrator typically to pass a value based on the page context. For example, a custom attribute for "product interest" can be used on two different pages (one on databases, one on cloud computing) to display two different products depending on the value passed to the attribute.
  • Session—predefined attributes based on information unique to a viewing session. For example, a customer IP address determines viewer location and time zone, while a browser user-agent determines what device is being used so viable media can be served.
  • System—attributes unique to the Oracle Content and Experience system, such as current date.


You must be a content administrator to define audience attributes.

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