23 Manage Publishing Channels

A publishing channel determines the release rules that are applied to an item in a repository. A channel can be public and available to everyone, or secure and limited. You must be a repository administrator to create and share publishing channels.


  • If you're using Oracle Content Management Starter Edition, you're limited to only one publishing channel, not including the one allowed site channel. To increase the number of publishing channels and take advantage of the full feature set, upgrade to the Premium Edition.
  • Publishing channels aren't used in business repositories.

A publishing channel can be applied to one or more asset repositories and the assets managed in the repositories. In addition, one repository might use multiple channels. Specific assets in a repository can use different channels, letting you fine tune the policies to be applied in individual cases.

When a site is created, a publishing channel is automatically created using the site name as the channel name.

By default the Publishing Channels page shows all publishing channels, sorted by name. Use the drop-down menu on the right to change the sort order. You can also use the search box to find a publishing channel by name.

You can manage publishing channels in the following ways: