Test Recommendations

Testing a recommendation allows you to apply values for the audience attributes and test to see what recommendations are made. Until values are applied, fallback assets are displayed.

  1. On the Test tab of a recommendation, select the asset status. Select Management to see what assets are available in a repository that satisfy the rules of the recommendation. Select Published and a channel to verify what published content items will be displayed.

  2. Enter values in the audience attribute fields and click Apply. You can enter a list of values if the rule uses an operator compatible with list values, such as Equal to, Not equal to, or Best match. Items in a list of values must be separated by a new line, for example:


    The values you enter will persist in your browser's local storage and be used the next time you test the recommendation.

    By default the test will run using the current system date to process any date functions used in the audience rules, such as Start of Month or End of Month. If you want to test the recommendation as if it were a different date, select a date to simulate using the Current date (System) field.

  3. When you're finished testing, click Done.

Create and Manage Test Profiles

A test profile is a collection of audience attributes that can be used to facilitate testing recommendations using different attribute values that represent a site visitor. To create a test profile:

  1. After your have created your recommendation and defined your rule set, enter attribute values in the Audience Attributes section of the Test tab and click Create Profile.
  2. Enter a name and optional description for the new profile. The audience attributes and values you entered in the Test tab are captured in the current profile.
  3. Click Add to add additional audience attributes and values if necessary, for example if you plan to use this profile to test other recommendations using those additional audience attributes.
  4. When finished, click Create.


Test profiles will persist in your browser's local storage and be used the next time you test the recommendation.

New profiles are added to the test profile menu. Select a profile from the list to test recommendations using different profiles having different attribute values. The test profile menu is also available when building a site for use when testing a recommendation placed on a page.

You can only use test profiles when building sites. To duplicate, edit, and delete test profiles, you must edit the recommendation in Oracle Content and Experience.

  1. Click Recommendations in the side navigation menu of Oracle Content and Experience.
  2. Select the recommendation you want to edit and click Edit in the menu bar.
  3. Click Test to open the Test tab.
  4. Click Manage above the test profile menu on the Test tab. You can duplicate, edit, and delete test profiles.