View Performance Data

You can view performance data for assets to see the number of times an asset has been viewed or accessed by a user through a particular channel (like a site or portal).

To view performance data, on the Assets page, switch to performance view by clicking Performance view icon.
Asset tile with performance data (described in text)

Callout Description
1 A preview of the asset. Images are displayed in monotone. Hover over the asset tile to view the full-color preview of the image.
2 The asset name and asset type associated with the asset. Click the name to open the asset.
3 The number of times the asset has been viewed and the time frame of the performance data.
4 The trend direction and percentage. In the example shown above, the asset has been accessed 15% more this week than last week.
5 The bar chart shows the number of views the asset received each day for the last 14 days.

The blue dot above a bar signifies that the asset was published on that day.

Hover over the asset tile to view a tooltip with the following information:

  • The asset name
  • The 14 day date range of the performance data
  • The lowest number of daily views in the 14 day period
  • The highest number of daily views in the 14 day period
  • The date and time of any publication events in the 14 day period

For additional details and metrics, open the Analytics sidebar panel.

See also I don’t see performance data for an asset.