Files and folders in my Oracle Content folder are wrong or out of date

There are different potential causes for this, and different levels of action that you can take to fix it.

  • Refresh your content

    Right-click the desktop app icon in the notification area (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac), choose Help, choose Troubleshoot, and then choose Refresh.

  • Rebuild your synced folders

    If changes made in the cloud or on other computers aren't showing correctly on your current computer, it may be because the number and complexity of changes made to folders and files in an Oracle Content folder has caused sync to be permanently lost.

    If only one or a few folders are affected, you can rebuild those folders one at a time. This uses sync records from the desktop sync client and from the cloud to rebuild each folder in an Oracle Content folder on the affected computer. To rebuild a single folder, select it from your Oracle Content folder, right-click and select Oracle Content and choose Rebuild Folder.

  • Delete the Oracle Content account from your computer

    If most or all of your folders become unsynced, or if there are other problems that can't be fixed by rebuilding individual folders, you can remove the Oracle Content account from your computer and start over.

    This process will automatically remove the account folder from your computer. All files that were in the cloud will continue to be available from there.

    To remove the account, select Preferences using one of these methods:

    • Right-click the desktop app icon in the task bar (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac).
    • Click the desktop app icon and then click the More icon.

    Select the account to delete and click Delete. Deleting an account clears your user account information and deletes the Oracle Content folder on your computer. You must reenter your user account information. You can re-select folders to sync and you can bring those folders back onto your computer by starting sync in the usual way.