Keyboard Shortcuts

The desktop app, Android mobile app, and web browser interface support the standard accessibility features and assistive technologies of the operating system that they run on, such as keyboard shortcuts, voice assistance, and so on. Consult your operating system help for details.

When using a Safari browser, you might need to configure tabbing behavior which might not be set by default. Access your Safari preferences and select Press Tab to highlight each item on web page.

When using Firefox with the macOS/OS X operating system, you might need to set tabbing behavior as well. Open your operating system preferences and choose Keyboard Preferences. Select the Shortcuts tab. In the Full Keyboard Access section, set the option to All Controls.

To see all keyboard shortcuts in the web client, press the question mark (?). A list of available shortcuts is shown in a dialog.

When you play audio or video in accessibility mode, you can’t navigate to the action bar to perform actions such as viewing file properties. You can only access the controls to play or pause the audio or video. To perform other actions on the file, go back to the file listing (using Backspace or Esc), where you can use the keyboard to access file actions.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Search for content. /
Close active menu or dialog. Esc
Expand/collapse navigation panel. gn
Go to the Flags page gf

Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Open the date picker if closed. Ctrl+Home
Move to previous/next month. Page Up/Page Down
Move to previous/next year. Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down
Move to previous/next day. Ctrl+Command+Left/Right
Move to the previous/next week. Ctrl+Command+Up/Down
Move to the current month. Ctrl+Command+Home
Select the focused date. Enter
Close without selection. Escape
Close the calendar, and erase selections. Ctrl+Command+End

Content Type Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Move focus to previous/next data field. Up Arrow/Down Arrow
Select a data field to add to content type definition. Enter
When data field is selected, place it as first item/last item in content type definition. Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow
When focus is on item in content type definition, move data field up/down in definition list. Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow

Conversation Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Open selected conversation. Enter
Move focus into conversation entry. Shift+Enter
Create a new conversation. n
Mark all messages in selected conversation as read. m
Mark or clear selected conversation as favorite. v
Insert a reference. Alt+Shift+t to move to the message toolbar; tab to Insert Reference.

Message List Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Post a message. t
Reply to selected message. r
Edit selected message. e
Like selected message. l
Clear flag for you on selected message. c
Manage flags for selected message. f
Mark selected message as read. m
Next message. j
Find next item (based on selected find criteria). x
Find previous item (based on selected find criteria). p

Posting or Replying Keyboard Shortcuts

Task Keyboard Shortcut
Applies bold style. Ctrl+b
Applies italic style. Ctrl+i
Applies underline style. Ctrl+u
Remove formatting from selected text. Ctrl+f
Upload document. Ctrl+d
Send post or reply. Ctrl+Enter
Clear your message text. Esc

Adding Annotations Using Keyboard Shortcuts

To add an annotation to an image or file:

  1. Preview the file or image to annotate.
  2. Navigate to the annotation icon (Add annotation icon) using the Tab key.
  3. Activate the icon using Shift+Enter or Shift+Space. An annotation is placed on the item and a toolbar popup appears.
  4. Use the arrow keys to move the annotation and use Shift+Arrow keys to size the annotation square.
  5. Navigate to the OK button to exit the annotation popup and then add the annotation text using the keyboard.