Sharing Tips

  • If you share a folder, the sharing role applies to subfolders, too, unless you change those rights specifically.
  • Your service administrator can allow or prevent the use of public links for your service and set who can receive those links (anyone or only registered users).
  • When someone shares a folder with you, you're assigned a role. You may not be able to do some things, like uploading or deleting, because your role may not allow it. If you can't do something, then that menu option isn't available. For example, if you have a Viewer role in a folder, the Download option isn't available when using a web browser and the folder isn’t available for syncing when using the sync client.

    To check your role, view the list of members in a folder. Your role is listed next to your name.

  • You don't have to share a parent folder to share subfolders. For example, you can have a parent folder called Current Projects, and in that folder you can have subfolders called Discount Program, Monthly Newsletter, and so on. You can share Discount Program or Monthly Newsletter with people without sharing the Current Projects folder.
  • The same person can have a different role for each subfolder in an unshared parent folder. For example, you can share Discount Program with Leo and assign him the Contributor role for that folder. You can share Monthly Newsletter with Leo and assign him the Viewer role for the files in that folder.
  • If you share a parent folder that you own, then you can increase rights for the subfolders, but you can't decrease the rights. This means:
    • if the role assigned at the parent folder level is higher than the role assigned at the subfolder level, then the highest role is used for all subfolders.
    • if the role assigned at the parent level is lower than the one assigned at the subfolder, then the subfolder role doesn't change.
  • If you have access to more than 100 folders (either owned by you or shared with you), your search results will be incomplete, as searches are limited to 100 folders.