Stop Sharing

To remove yourself or one person from a folder, go to the Members menu for the folder.

  • In your browser, select the folder and click Members on the menu bar.

  • When using the desktop app, go to your Oracle Content folder. Right click on the folder you want to use and choose Members .

  • On your iPad or iPhone, tap the more menu icon. Tap Members.

  • On your Android device, tap the more menu icon. Tap Members

Select a name and select Remove from the list next to your name or the person's name. If you remove yourself and want to access the folder again, you’ll need to ask the folder owner to add you to the folder again.

To stop sharing an entire folder:

  • Remove all individuals from the folder or

  • Move the contents of the folder to a new folder. If you move the folder to a new location, the membership information is moved with the folder.