Sync Files in Multiple Accounts

You can set up a maximum of 5 separate accounts for each Oracle Content and Experience account you have.

Select Preferences from one of the menus:

  • Right-click the desktop app icon in the notification area (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac).

  • Click the desktop app icon and then click the More icon.

On the Preferences menu:

  1. Click Add.

  2. Enter the server URL for the account you want to use.

  3. Enter the user name and password for the new account.

  4. Add an account name. The account name is used for the folder created on your computer that holds the synced files.

After setting up your account, click the desktop app icon again. Select Choose Folders to Sync. You can automatically sync all the folders you own (the default selection when you first install the app) or you can choose folders to sync, including those shared with you. If you choose to sync all folders, it may take some time for the sync process to finish depending on how many folders you have.