Sync Files in Multiple Accounts

If you are a member of multiple services, you may need to sync more than one account. You can display the Accounts dialog to add and edit multiple accounts by clicking the Accounts icon on the sync activity dialog or right-clicking the the desktop app icon in the notification area (Windows) or in the menu bar extras area (Mac) and selecting Accounts from the contextual menu.

You can set up a maximum of five separate accounts, so that you can sync with each Oracle Content Management account you have.

To add an account from the Accounts section of the sync activity dialog:
  1. Click Add New Account to open the Add Account dialog.

  2. Enter the service URL of the account you want to add.

  3. Enter the user name and password for the account.

  4. Add an account name. The account name is used for the folder created on your computer that holds the synced files.

  5. Click Done. The account is listed in the Accounts section of the sync activity dialog.

By default all cloud folders owned by you are synced automatically, which can take some time initially. If you want to limit the folders to sync, or choose to sync folders that others have shared with you, see Sync Your Files.

If you need to edit any account information, including where the local account folder is located, hover over the account in the Accounts section of the sync activity dialog and click the menu icon, then select Edit.

In the Edit Accounts dialog you can change the account name, the service URL, and the local account folder location.