Use Files and Folders

To create a folder, go to the location and tap the add icon and then tap Create Folder. Enter a folder name and optional description. You can't use symbols such as / \ ? or * in the name. Tap OK when done.

To mark an item as a favorite, tap the Favorite icon. To see a list of your favorites, tap the dropdown menu next to the header on the home page and select Favorites.

Many of the actions you need to perform, like copying or moving files and folders, can be done when viewing your file listing or when viewing the properties of a file or a folder. Tapthe More menu icon and you’ll see the actions you can perform.

When looking at your file listing:

  • Go to Conversation: used to start a conversation about a file or folder.

  • View Properties: used to open the folder or file property page.

  • Share Link: used to create a link to the file or folder.

  • Members: used to add members to the folder.

  • Edit Tags: used to add a keyword or tag for an item, making it easy to find when you search.

  • Open In: used to open a file using an app on your device.

  • Send: lets you send a copy of a file using an app on your device.

When looking at file or folder properties, you can also do the following actions:

  • Rename: used to rename a file or folder.

  • Reserve/Clear Reservation: used to manage file reservations.

  • Delete: lets you delete a file or folder.

  • Copy: used to copy a file or folder to a new location.

  • Move: used to move a file or folder to a new location.

  • Go to Conversation: used to start a conversation about a file or folder.

To manage multiple files, long-press on a file name and select the files you want to manage. Use the options at the bottom of the screen to move, copy, delete or mark as favorites.


Deleting items

  • If you want to delete a shared folder or a file in a shared folder, you may not be able to do it if your role doesn't allow it. For example, if you have a Downloader role in a folder, you can't delete files.

  • Deleted items are moved to the Trash folder. You can permanently delete or restore the item from there. Items stay in the Trash until one of these events happen:

    • You permanently delete them.

    • Your Trash quota is reached.

    • The Trash is automatically cleared out, according to the interval set by your service administrator, the person in charge of managing the service for your organization.

    • You restore the item from the Trash.

Copying items

If you copy a file to the original location, it's saved with a number after the file name indicating it's a copy. For example, if you already had a file named Status Report.doc, a new copy of it is named Status Report(2).doc.

Reserving files

  • To reserve a file, long press on the file name then select the file. Tap the reserved icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Other people can clear your reservation if they need to use the file. If they do, you get an email telling you who cleared it and when.

  • If someone tries to upload a new version of a file you reserved, they can clear the reservation and upload the new version. You'll be notified by email if that happens.