Use Flags

Flags are a way to bring an item, like a message or a file, to someone's attention. Depending on the priority you assign, you can capture people's attention quickly.

To assign a flag, view the items in a conversation and click Flag icon the right of the item. Next, select the person to be flagged and the priority level. You can assign a different flag priority to each person.

Flag Meaning
Flagged icon

For Your Information: look at this when you have time, or Please Reply: look at this, and let me know what you think.

Urgent flag icon

Please Reply Urgent: look at this as soon as you can and let me know what you think.


By default, you will not be sent an email if flagged in a conversation, even if the flag is requesting a response or set to urgent. To receive and email notification, your preferences must be set to do so.

You can see your total flag count in the header (Flag count icon). Click the flag count icon to quickly see the flags assigned to you and any flags you've assigned to others.

On the Flags page you can filter the flags to show flags assigned to you or flags you've assigned to others, and you can filter by flag type. You can sort flags by flag date or message date.

You can perform the following actions from the Flags page:

  • To view the message in the conversation, click the message.
  • To reply to the message, click Reply icon.
  • To like the message, click Like icon.
  • To clear a flag, click the flag icon. Click Clear or tap the X. The person who set the flag may get an email, depending on what they've set up through their notifications.

To ensure flags say look at this now!, use them thoughtfully. A flood of flag notifications all at once or all the time reduces the impact.