Use Metadata

Metadata is used to quickly categorize your files and folders with additional descriptions.

Your service administrator may have created metadata that is specific to your organization. For example, perhaps you need to track when an item is approved by other people and who approved it. Metadata called “Document Approval” could be created which lists fields such as file type, the originator of the file, who approved it, and when it was approved.

You could then move all files that have been approved into one folder and apply the metadata to the folder. All the files in the folder will be identified as approved. You can edit metadata for the different files to show their approval date, who approved it, and any other pertinent details.

People with the Owner, Manager, or Contributor resource role can apply metadata to files and folders. People with the Viewer or Downloader resource role can view any metadata that is set.

Metadata is automatically created for items that are stored as digital assets. Only service administrators can create additional metadata. Work with your administrator to develop the metadata you need.

To start using metadata:

  1. Open the file or folder you want to use and click Sidebar icon to open the sidebar.
  2. Select Metadata from the pane's drop-down menu.
  3. Click the manage properties icon to open a list of available metadata.
  4. Select the name of the metadata you want to use, and then click Save.
  5. The fields that were created for the metadata are displayed in the side panel. Enter the information as needed. Remember, if this is a metadata for a folder, any information entered will be used for all the files in the folder.

    The following restrictions apply to the field values users can enter:

    • Text: Maximum of 1,000 characters. Can't include # * & | ? < > ^ ; { } ( ) ' = + \
    • Number: Maximum of 15 characters. Must be a whole number, no decimals.
  6. Click Save when done.