Edit a File

You can edit files stored in Oracle Content Management and if you have the Oracle Content Management desktop app installed, any changes you make to the file will then be synced to any device synced with your account.

To edit a file, select the file from your file list and choose Edit in the right-click menu or click Edit icon in the actions bar. You can also view the file then click Edit in the menu bar. You’re prompted to open the file using the Oracle Content Management desktop app or using the Microsoft Online app. The file opens with the software installed on your computer to make your edits (for example, Microsoft Word when editing a .doc file).

If your system administrator has enabled Microsoft Office Online integration, you can also edit files in Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office Online.

When you finish editing, save the file as you would normally. If you’re already syncing the file, the latest version is shown in your folder and on your other devices as well. If you didn’t sync the file beforehand, the newly synced file is stored in your .download folder in your Oracle Content folder on your desktop.

Keep these things in mind when you’re editing files:

  • Try to keep files smaller than 5 GB. Some web browsers can't process files bigger than that.
  • If someone shared a folder with you, you must have at least a Contributor role in the folder to be able to edit a file there. When you edit a file you are uploading a new version of the file to the folder.
  • A new version of the file is created each time the file is autosaved.