What do I do if my device is lost or stolen?

When you use Oracle Content Management from a mobile device or the sync client, the information about that access is saved. If you lose your device or it’s taken, you should remove that device from the list of those used to access the service. To remove a device and revoke the access for it:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Content Management in a web browser.

  2. Click your user name and select Preferences.

  3. Select Linked Devices from the dropdown menu near the Preferences heading.

  4. Find the device to remove and click Revoke.

Your device's authorization to access the service is removed. The next time you or anyone else tries to activate the app on the device, the account is signed out and all local content stored on the device for that account is deleted.

Revoking access for the device affects only one account, so if you're using multiple accounts, you need to revoke access separately for each account to block all access to Oracle Content Management and delete all local content stored on the device.