About the REST APIs

The REST API for Sites Management provides the ability to create sites from templates and then manage the life cycle of those sites in Oracle Content and Experience. This REST API has several categories of endpoints:

  • Components
  • Import, export, list, read, copy, update, publish, share and delete components.

  • Themes
  • Import, list, read, copy, publish, update, share and delete themes.

  • Templates
  • Create policies and associate them with a template to be used when creating a site. Policies can be used to enforce site creation approval, who can use a template, and what security the site will have.

  • Policies
  • Manage policies and manage the membership of policies with access lists.

  • Requests
  • Requests are made when creating a site. A site request is rejected or approved through a review.

  • Sites
  • Create, copy, delete, publish and activate sites. Get site information and associated resources. List sites and manage membership.

You can view a list of all REST Endpoints.