Configure a Drupal Content Connector

After you configure and enable a Drupal content connector, you can connect to Drupal and pull required content from it into Oracle Content Management.

To configure a Drupal content connector:

  1. Sign in to the Drupal site.
    1. Click Extend on the menu.
    2. On the Extend page, search for JSON and then select JSON:API and Serialization checkboxes.
    3. Select HTTP Basic Authentication.
      1. You must have the HTTP Basic Authentication module enabled.
      2. Click People.
      3. Click Permissions.
      4. Dselect checkboxes under Anonymous to protect resources with Basic Authenticaiton.
    4. Click Install.
  2. Locate the base URL for your Drupal instance. For example,
  3. Get the Oracle Content Management host name and authorization URL details.
    1. Sign in to Oracle Content Management as an Administrator or Developer.
    2. Click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu on the left.
    3. In the Integrations menu, choose Content Connectors.
    4. Click the check box next to the Drupal content connector and then click Create.
    5. On the Connector Settings page, provide information for registration of your Drupal content connector.
    6. Click Next. Once the details are verified, select the Custom Fields tab.
    7. On the Custom Fields page, enter the base URL of Drupal instance and click Save.
  4. On the Content Connectors page, click the Enable button next to the Drupal content connector you created.
  5. Associate the connector with one or more asset repositories:
    1. Click Content in the Administration area of the navigation menu on the left.
    2. Open an existing repository or click Create to create a new one.
    3. If you're creating a new repository, specify the repository name, publishing channels, languages, and other options.
    4. Under Content Connectors, select one or more connectors to associate with the repository.

      This menu lists all the content connectors that have been configured and enabled in your Oracle Content Management instance. If any of the connectors have content types associated with them, the types appear under Content Types.

After a Drupal content connector is enabled, configured, and associated with a repository, it's available in the asset repository for Oracle Content Management users to import content. To import content, click the Add drop-down menu and then select Import from Drupal option on the Assets page.