Manage Custom Applications

You can create custom applications using the Application Integration Framework (AIF).

With custom applications, you can change the menu options your users will see, add pop-up dialogs as needed, call third-party services, and specify how the results are presented to the user.

For details about creating applications using AIF, see Application Integration Framework Overview .

After creating an application, you can add it to Oracle Content Management and manage it from the Administration web interface.

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content Management web application as an administrator, click System in the Administration area of the navigation menu.

  2. In the Settings menu, click Integrations.

  3. To add an application, under Custom Actions, click Add and navigate to the location where the configuration file that contains the application information is stored and select it.

  4. After adding the application, you can enable or disable it by selecting or clearing the check box.

After you add your application and enable it, you can manage it by clicking the appropriate icon for any of the following actions:

  • View information about the application. What is shown is set by the application’s info application property (for example, a popup window).

  • Set the preferences for the application. What is shown is set by the application’s tenantPrefs property.

  • Edit the application. You can alter the application’s code and click Load to test the application, save the application, or cancel your edit. If an action isn’t allowed in the code, an error message is displayed, describing the error.

  • Download the application. You can save the application or open it using an editor of your choice.

  • Remove the application. When you delete an application, it is not moved to your trash. You will need to add the application file again if you want to use it.

When an application is disabled, you can only edit the application, download it, or delete it.

To view all enabled applications, open your user menu, click Preferences, and then, in the Preferences menu, select Applications. You can view the information for the application and the preferences. The Applications option is not shown in the Preferences menu unless at least one application is enabled.