Request a Lingotek Trial Connector for Content Translation

You can open a trial account with the Lingotek language service provider from the Oracle Content and Experience administration web interface.

To request a Lingotek trial account for content translation:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Content and Experience web interface as an administrator.
  2. Click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu.
  3. In the Integrations drop-down menu, choose Translation Connectors.
  4. On the Translation Connectors page, click Lingotek to open the connector configuration.
  5. Click Additional Fields.

    On the Lingotek Additional Fields page, the fields are filled with all the input data you need to configure your Lingotek trial account.

    Description of lingotek-additional-fields.png follows
    Description of the illustration lingotek-additional-fields.png
  6. Under the Bearer Token field, click authorize a trial Lingotek account.

    The Lingotek Request Account page opens.

    Description of lingotek-request-trial-account.png follows
    Description of the illustration lingotek-request-trial-account.png
  7. Replace the values on this page with your data:
    • Replace Company with Oracle.
    • Replace First Name, Last name, and Email with yours. The Email address will be used as your Lingotek user name.
    • Choose your country, such as United States, from the drop-down field.
    • Enter a new password and confirm it.
  8. Click Conditions of Use to view the policy, and then select the check box to agree with it.
  9. Click the Request Account button.

    You will be redirected to the Lingotek sign-in page. Enter your Lingotek user name (email address) and password, and then click SIGN IN.

  10. Select your organization (Oracle), and then click ALLOW to authorize the account.
  11. The Lingotek Credentials page opens, with credentials for you to copy and paste into custom fields for your trial account.

    Description of lingotek-credentials.png follows
    Description of the illustration lingotek-credentials.png

    Use the credentials on this page to configure a Lingotek translation connector in Oracle Content and Experience. The credentials include Bearer Token and Workflow Id values for Oracle Content and Experience translation connectors as well as your Oracle Community Id.

    Copy the Bearer Token value from the Lingotek Credentials page and paste it in the Bearer Token field on the Lingotek Additional Fields page. This populates the rest of the custom fields on the page.

  12. After you click Save, you can use your Lingotek trial account.