14 Develop Translation Connectors for Language Service Providers

Oracle Content and Experience provides a connector framework for developers to develop their custom translation connectors. The connector framework is extensible, and a developer or partner can build a translation connector to work against any Language Service Provider (LSP).

For translation by an LSP, Oracle Content and Experience converts a translation zip file into the format expected by the vendor and then packages up the response from the vendor into a zip file that Oracle Content and Experience can consume.

A custom translation connector needs to implement the following artifacts:

  • REST interfaces for defining configuration, providing authorization, and translating content.
  • Logic to create and manage a translation job, accept a translation job zip file, and return a translated version of the translation zip file

Oracle Content and Experience provides a sample translation connector implementation that runs against an included mock server to get you started.

Oracle Content and Experience provides the following tools for site and asset translations:

  • A translation connector framework, a translation SDK, and command-line interface (CLI) utilities in OCE Toolkit
  • An administration web interface for creating a custom translation connector
  • A translation job web interface that lets contributors submit assets or sites for translation by an LSP and import translations into Oracle Content and Experience


This chapter does not provide details on how to deploy or manage your connector. The model you choose for deployment will depend on the technology you use to implement the connector and the server you choose to deploy the connector.

The following topics describe how to develop custom translation connectors for Oracle Content and Experience and to translate OCE sites and assets using LSPs: