Add Custom Locales to a Lingotek Translation Connector

You can add custom languages to the list of languages known to Oracle Content and Experience and use them for managing asset translation and content delivery, including language fallback.

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Oracle Content and Experience supports custom locales in the <base or seeded language code>-<x>-<custom string> format, where <custom string> is a dash-separated string of sub-strings up to 8 characters long.

A predefined list of languages (BCP-47), language codes (ISO-639-2), territory sub-tags (ISO-3166), and script sub-tags (ISO-15924) follows the BCP-47 standard ( The names are restricted to the characters a-z, A-Z and 0-9 as stated in the BCP47 doc:
singleton = DIGIT ; 0-9
         / %x41-57 ; A - W
         / %x59-5A ; Y - Z
         / %x61-77 ; a - w               
         / %x79-7A ; y - z

A content architect can add a custom locale to the list of languages available in Oracle Content and Experience as a Description and Code pair.

Description will be a locale name, such as English – APAC or Global French. Code will be a custom locale code, such as en-x-region-apac or fr-x-global. For example:

  • en-x-custom-string OR ar-x-middle-east
  • en-GB-x-custom-string-custom OR ar-SA-x-custom-string-custom-string.

With custom locales, you can manage content localization and language fallback in delivery.

You can create L10N policies with a default language. If the default language is set, an asset request will return translation to the default language if the language in the request is not found. If your company has a global presence, you can support asset request fallback based on a language hierarchy that is defined for each region where the content is consumed.

Oracle Content and Experience can support a URL path segment mapped to a standard or custom language for delivery to multilingual sites. The path segment can be a country code, language code, language name, or custom name.