Register Multiple Lingotek Connectors

You can register and enable multiple Lingotek language service provider (LSP) translation connectors in an Oracle Content and Experience instance.

Configuration of a Lingotek translation connector requires values for three custom fields:

  • Bearer Token: The sign-in for your Lingotek account. You can use the same bearer token for all of your Lingotek connectors or specify a different one for a connector.
  • Community: The community to use for your translation projects. The default is Oracle.
  • Workflow: The workflow profile to use for your Lingotek translation projects. The default is Machine Translation.

You can change any of these values.

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To create a translation job for an asset, you can select the asset in a repository and then choose Translate from the drop-down menu to open the Create Translation Job dialog.

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The Workflows page shows workflows that you can use for your translation jobs.

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You can specify a workflow for a connector on the Additional Fields page when you create the connector.

The Translation Jobs page, under Assets, shows the status of jobs you have running on your Lingotek translation connectors.

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If the workflow is different than Machine Translation, a translator edits or finishes the job, and you will need to approve each of the translator's changes before the job is 100% complete.