REST API for Users and Groups

You can use the Oracle Cloud REST API for Users and Groups to manage users, groups, one-on-one conversations, and pictures.

With the REST API for Users and Groups, you can manage this object:

  • People and Groups

The REST API for Users and Groups uses the JSON data format and relies on a REST-based architectural style that provides a convenient and consistent approach to requesting and modifying data. The client specifies an action using an HTTP verb such as POST, GET, PUT, or DELETE. It specifies a resource using a unique URL in this format:

In the URI:

  • oracleContentInstance is the name you chose for your Oracle Content Management Cloud instance when it was provisioned.

  • identityName is the identity name you chose when you signed up with Oracle Public Cloud.

  • network is the name of your network.

  • dataCenter is the data center that Oracle Content Management Cloud is set up to use.

  • resource-path is the relative path that defines the resource.