REST API for Sites Management

The Oracle Cloud REST API for Sites Management provides the ability to create sites from templates and then manage the life cycle of those sites in Oracle Content and Experience.

The REST API for Sites Management has several categories of endpoints, which the following table describes.

Category Description
Components Import, export, list, read, copy, update, publish, share, delete, restore, and share components.
Policies Manage policies and manage the membership of policies with access lists. You can read and edit policies associated with site management operations and control who can perform site management operations using access lists.
Requests Requests are made when creating a site. A site request is rejected or approved through a review. You can list requests relating to sites edit requests that have been rejected, and retry failed requests. Also, you can view reviews for site requests. Approve or reject requests for new sites or requests to copy sites.
Sites Create, list, read, copy, share, delete, restore, publish, activate, and deactivate sites. Get the progress of site-related jobs and information such as the associated repository and the user that created or last modified a resource. List sites and requests of a site.

Import, export, list, read, copy, share, delete, and restore templates. List site templates and images. Get the progress of template-related jobs.

You can also create policies and associate them with a template to be used when creating a site, or delete policies associated with templates. You can use policies to enforce site-creation approval, who can use a template, and what security the site will have.

Themes Import, list, read, copy, publish, update, share, delete, and restore themes.

Oracle Content and Experience also provides the following REST APIs: