1 Learn About Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

These topics help you learn about the benefits to migrating your existing Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service clusters to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and also provide an overview of the migration process and tools.

Why Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle encourages you to migrate your existing cloud resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions. You can gain several advantages by doing so.

In Oracle Cloud, you provision resources in specific regions, which are localized to geographic locations. Certain regions support the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is Oracle's modern cloud platform that's based on the latest cloud technologies and standards. It provides more consistent performance and better features at lower costs. Oracle continues to invest in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including the addition of new regions, services, and features. See Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services.

You can benefit from these additional administrative features when you migrate your cloud resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

  • Organize cloud resources into a hierarchy of logical compartments.
  • Create fine-grained access policies for each compartment.

To learn more, see Upgrade Your Classic Services to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

About the Migration Scope

A Data Hub cluster can be migrated to one of the following:

  • DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC): DDAC is a certified version of Apache Cassandra that goes through the same rigorous quality assurance and certification testing process as DataStax Enterprise. It includes business day, 8x5 support or 24x7 worldwide support from DataStax.
  • DataStax Enterprise (DSE): DSE is more featured than Apache Cassandra or Data Hub. Integrated within each node of DSE is powerful indexing, search, analytics, and graph functionality, provided by combining Apache Cassandra with Apache Solr, Apache Spark, and DSE Graph.


You must purchase licenses for DDAC or DSE from DataStax to run them on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

About Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Get familiar with basic Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security, network, and storage concepts.

Cloud resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are created in logical compartments. You also create fine-grained policies to control access to the resources within a compartment.

You create instances within an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. You also specify an availability domain (AD), if supported in the selected region.

A virtual cloud network (VCN) is comprised of one or more subnets, and an instance is assigned to a specific subnet. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does not allow you to reserve specific IP addresses for platform services.

A subnet's security lists permit and block traffic to and from specific IP addresses and ports.

Instances can communicate with resources outside of Oracle Cloud by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, which provides a fast, dedicated connection to your on-premises network. Alternatively, use an IPSec VPN.

A bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage can be used to store files and share them with multiple instances. A user's generated authentication token (auth token) is required to access the bucket.

To learn more, see Key Concepts and Terminology in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.