Add Audit Trails

For each target database that you want to collect audit records, you need to add at least one audit trail to Oracle Data Safe. You can add audit trails from the Audit Trails page or while you are working in the Activity Auditing wizard.

  1. Click the Targets tab.
  2. On the left, click Audit Trails.
  3. Click Add.
    The Add Trail dialog box is displayed. By default, Trail Type is set to TABLE.
  4. Select a target database.

    After you select a target database, two operations happen automatically. First, Oracle Data Safe automatically selects a default audit trail for the target database. For example, if you select an Autonomous Database, the audit trail called UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL is automatically selected and you cannot deselect it. Second, the number of audit records loaded for the current month in the default selected audit trail is automatically displayed next to Records Already Collected.

  5. (Optional) Select additional audit trail locations, if needed.
  6. To enable or disable auto purge for the selected target database, move the Auto Purge Trail slider to the right (ON) or left (OFF).
    When you enable auto purge, the following warning message is displayed:

    Audit records will be collected from the target database as far back as the number of months specified in the Audit Data Retention Period (under Settings). For example, if the retention period is 12 months, then audit records created only within the last 12 months will be collected.

    When you enable auto-purge, all audit records in the target database are deleted after the collection is completed, including those older than the retention period and hence not collected into the Oracle Data Safe repository.

  7. From the Collect Audit Data From drop-down list, click the calendar widget, configure a start date, and then click Done.

    You can configure the date as far back as the audit data retention period (under Settings). Dates prior to this setting are not available for loading. For example, if the retention period is six months, then you can select only as far back as six months. Oracle Data Safe collects audit records into its repository from the selected date and onward. The date you select here only affects the selected target database.

    A message is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box requesting that you compute and review the record count of the audit data to be loaded before you complete the registration.
  8. To display the number of audit records to be collected into the Oracle Data Safe repository, click Compute audit record count.

    If the total number of records for the month (number of records collected and records to be collected) exceed one million, be aware that if you proceed, you will exceed your monthly quota and incur charges (if you elected Paid Usage for the target database). If you have not elected Paid Usage for the target database, then you need to change the Collect Audit Data From date to stay within the one million limit for the month.

  9. To view pricing information for audit collection, click Pricing Details.
  10. Click Register.

    After registration is completed, the audit trail is listed in the table on the Audit Trails page and a message Successfully created the trail is displayed at the top of the page.