Enable Oracle Data Safe

Oracle Data Safe administrators can enable Oracle Data Safe in regions to which they are subscribed in their tenancy. Be aware that it is not possible to disable Oracle Data Safe after it's enabled.

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User Account Requirements in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

To enable Oracle Data Safe in your tenancy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you require a paid Oracle Cloud account. You cannot enable Oracle Data Safe in the following situations:

  • You are using Oracle Cloud Free Tier. With the Free Tier, your Oracle Cloud account is granted a 30-day free trial and US$300 in free credits. Your account is also allowed to use the Always Free services for an unlimited time.
  • Your Oracle Cloud account is suspended.

To learn how to upgrade to a paid account, see Changing Your Payment Method. If your Free Trial is over and you are using the Free Tier, see Cloud Customer Connect. If you require assistance enabling Oracle Data Safe, please contact Oracle Support.

Required Permissions for Enabling Oracle Data Safe

To enable Oracle Data Safe, you must belong to one of the following groups in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM):

  • Your tenancy's Administrators group. This group has permission on all resources in your tenancy.
  • An Oracle Data Safe administrators group. This group has at least the manage permission for Oracle Data Safe and can inspect groups in the tenancy.

Enable Oracle Data Safe in a Region

Both native and federated users in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can enable Oracle Data Safe.

  1. Ensure that you have the required permissions for enabling Oracle Data Safe.
  2. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  3. At the top of the page, select the region in which you want to enable Oracle Data Safe.
  4. From the navigation menu, select Oracle Database, and then Data Safe.
    The Overview page is displayed.
  5. Click Enable Data Safe.