Characteristics of a Single Instance Database Deployment

This section provides information about the content and configuration of a newly created Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service database deployment that uses the Single Instance database type.

When you create a database deployment using the Single Instance database type, Database Classic Cloud Service creates a single-instance Oracle database. The database is housed on a compute node that Database Classic Cloud Service creates using Oracle Compute Cloud Service resources. In brief, Database Classic Cloud Service:

  • Creates a compute node that has its own public IP address with a name of this form:

    deployment-name db 1

    This Compute Cloud Service instance uses the compute shape specified during the database deployment creation process.

  • Installs Oracle Linux 6.6, Oracle Database 18,, or (depending on which version was selected), and cloud tooling software on the compute node.

  • Creates storage for database data, the fast recovery area, and the redo logs.

  • Creates Oracle Compute Cloud Service networking resources to provide access to the compute node, setting all except SSH access on port 22 to a disabled status.

  • Creates and starts an Oracle database on the compute node and starts the network listener for the node.