Creating a Database Deployment

There are several ways in which you can create a database deployment on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service, depending on your requirements and experience level.

Choose from one of the following deployment creation methods:

Create Method More Information

The fastest and easiest way to create a database deployment is to use a QuickStart template.

Creating a QuickStart Database Deployment

The way to create a database deployment where you can customize all options is to use the Create Instance wizard.

Creating a Customized Database Deployment

Ways to create a database deployment whose database is populated, or “instantiated”, using data from the cloud backup of another database.

Creating a Database Deployment Using a Cloud Backup

The way to create a clone of an existing database deployment is to use snapshots.

Creating and Managing Snapshots of a Database Deployment to create the snapshot, and then Creating a Clone Database Deployment from a Snapshot to create the clone

The way to create an Oracle Data Guard standby database for an on-premises primary database is to use Hybrid DR.

Creating a Hybrid DR Deployment