Downloading and Installing the oracle-dbcs-cli Utility

Before you can use the oracle-dbcs-cli utility, you must download it to your Linux computer and install it.
  1. On your Linux computer, create a directory to contain the installed oracle-dbcs-cli utility.
  2. Download the installation zip file to the directory you created.
    The installation zip file is available at the Oracle Technology Network on the Public Database Cloud Downloads page.
  3. In a terminal window, navigate to the directory you created and where you downloaded the installation zip file.
  4. Expand the installation zip file:
    $ tar -vxzf ./oracle-dbcs-cli.tar.gz


For the oracle-dbcs-cli utility to operate correctly, make sure:

  • You are using Java 1.7 on your computer. Enter java -version in a terminal window to discover what version you are using.

  • You run the oracle-dbcs-cli utility from the installation directory, or set your PATH environment variable to include the dborch.jar file in the installation directory.