Plugging In a Pluggable Database

You can use DBaaS Monitor to plug in a pluggable database.

  1. On the DBaaS Monitor home page, click Database Status. Or, in the Database pull-down menu, click Manage.
  2. Click Plug in PDB.
  3. Complete the Plug PDB dialog and click OK.
    • New PDB Name—Provide a name for the pluggable database.

    • Plug as Clone —This field is selected by default. If you are plugging in a PDB as a clone, fill the XML Filename field.

    • Source File Name Conversion—You can optionally provide custom expressions for the PDB datafiles.

    • Copy Action—The default value is Don’t Copy. Choose Don’t Copy, Copy, or Move.

    • Unlimited Storage and Reuse Temp File—By default, unlimited storage and reuse temp file are selected for the PDB.

    • Import TDE Key—TDE Key import is selected by default.

    • Keystore Password, Import From, Key Secret—If Import TDE Key is selected, the Keystore Password, Import From, and Key Secret fields are made visible. For Keystore Password, use the password that was specified during the database deployment creation process.