Unplugging a Pluggable Database

You can use DBaaS Monitor to unplug a pluggable database.

  1. On the DBaaS Monitor home page, click Database Status. Or, in the Database pull-down menu, click Manage.
  2. In the menu for your pluggable database, click Unplug.
  3. Complete the Unplug PDB dialog and click OK.
    • PDB —This field is pre-filled with the name of the pluggable database you selected.

    • XML Filename —This field is pre-filled with the path to the PDB’s XML file.

    • Export TDE Key—This field isselected by default.

    • Keystore Password, Export To, Key Secret—If Export TDE Key is selected, the Keystore Password, Export To, and Key Secret fields are made visible. For Keystore Password, use the password that was specified during the database deployment creation process.