Problems Creating Deployments

The following solutions apply to problems with creating database deployments on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service.

I cannot create a deployment when I have many database deployments

Your account might not have enough compute quota to create the deployment.

If you have database deployments you do not need, delete them. If you need all your database deployments, contact Oracle Sales and Services to buy more quota for your account.

I cannot create a deployment, even after waiting for an hour

If deployment creation fails after one hour, the system might be experiencing a heavy load, and resources are not yet available.

Wait before you try again to create the deployment. If this doesn't work, contact Oracle Support.

I get a "SCRIPT execution errors" message when I try to create an deployment with backups to cloud storage

If the password you specify for Cloud Storage Password when attempting to create a Database Classic Cloud Service deployment contains certain special characters, the creation attempt fails. Such failures occur after the “SSH access to VM(s)” phase, during the “Configuring Oracle Database Server” phase when configuring bkup assistant. The log for these failures includes an error message that begins with the text “SCRIPT execution errors”.

To circumvent this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Create a database deployment and specify Block Store Only as the Backup Destination.

  2. After the deployment is created, connect as the oracle user to the compute node and patch the bkup assistant:

    $ curl -O
    $ chmod +x
    $ ./
    Patching /var/opt/oracle/perl_lib/DBAAS/
    Patch applied successfully.
  3. Change the deployment’s backup destination to Both Cloud Storage and Block Storage by following the instructions in Changing the Backup Configuration to a Different Backup Destination.