raccli update tde

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The update tde subcommand of the raccli utility provides a way to enable transparent data encryption (TDE) and rotate the TDE key.
raccli update tde {-enable|-rotatekey} -passwd  password

This subcommand runs synchronously.

If the subcommand fails, it reports a FAILURE status and provides a message describing the reason for the failure.

Options of this subcommand are as follows.

Option Description


Used to enable the TDE configuration.


Used to rotate the key.

—passwd password

The password specified when the database deployment was created, unless you have changed the wallet password since the deployment was created.


Here is an example of the update tde subcommand. This example rotates (changes) the value of the master key.

[opc@example1 ~]$ raccli update tde -rotatekey -passwd Welcome_1

  "requestStatus" : "SUCCESS",
  "jobStatus" : "SUCCESS",
  "message" : null,
  "response" : [ ]
[opc@example1 ~]$