E The raccli Utility

Not Oracle Cloud InfrastructureNot Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

The raccli utility is provided on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service deployments that use Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) to perform a variety of life-cycle and administration operations.

Using the raccli utility, you can perform operations like:

  • Backing up the database

  • Recovering the database from a backup

  • Changing configuration of automatic backups

  • Patching the Oracle Database, Grid Infrastructure and cloud tooling software

  • Changing the configuration of security features

  • Tracking the progress and completion of long-running operations performed as asynchronous jobs

To use the raccli utility:

  1. Connect as the opc user to a compute node associated with the Database Classic Cloud Service deployment.

    For instructions, see Connecting to a Compute Node Through Secure Shell (SSH).

  2. Run the raccli utility using a command of the form:

    $ raccli subcommand subcommand-options
  3. When you are finished using the raccli utility, disconnect from the compute node:

    $ exit

The raccli utility supports these subcommands:

apply patch: applies a patch to the Grid Infrastructure or Oracle Database home.

clean backup: deletes any unnecessary backups or backup pieces as determined by the backup configuration’s recovery windows for local and cloud backups.

create backup: creates a backup of the configuration files, inventory configuration files, Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database homes, database, and tooling metadata.

create recovery: initiates database recovery.

describe job: provides information about the progress and status of a long-running operation.

describe system: provides information about the installation of Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Database, and the RDK cloud tooling.

failover dataguard: performs a manual failover to the standby database in your Data Guard configuration.

list backup: provides a list and status of all the backup jobs that have been submitted through the raccli utility.

list backupconfig: provides a list of the backup configuration settings.

list jobs: provides a list of all the jobs that have been submitted through the raccli utility.

list recovery: provides information about recovery jobs.

reinstate dataguard: reinstates a failed primary database as a standby database after a failover.

status dataguard: displays status information about the Data Guard configuration.

switchover dataguard: performs a switchover to the standby database in your Data Guard configuration.

update backupconfig: updates the backup configuration.

update databasepassword: updates the password in the keystore (wallet) and optionally updates the password for the SYS and SYSTEM users.

update netsec: updates the Oracle Net security configuration.

update rdk: updates the cloud tooling on the Database Classic Cloud Service deployment.

update server: checks for and corrects any configuration issues related to the Linux OS on a compute node of the deployment.

update tde: enables transparent data encryption (TDE) and rotates the TDE key.