raccli failover dataguard

Not Oracle Cloud InfrastructureNot Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

The failover dataguard subcommand of the raccli utility is used to perform a manual failover to the standby database in your Data Guard configuration. Run this subcommand on a compute node of the standby database you are failing over to.
raccli failover dataguard [-dbname database-name]  -passwd database-password

When the failover operation completes successfully, the once-primary database is no longer a member of the Data Guard configuration, and the once-standby database has the role of primary database.

This subcommand runs asynchronously. That is, it creates a job to perform the failover operation, reports the job ID of the created job, and then exits. To track the progress of the job to its completion, use the raccli describe job command.

If the subcommand fails, it reports a FAILURE status and provides a message describing the reason for the failure.


You must manually configure backups after the failover operation completes. For instructions, see Manual backup configuration required after switchover or failover on Oracle RAC plus Data Guard deployments in Known Issues for Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service.

Options of this subcommand are as follows.

Option Description

-dbname database-name

(Optional) The database unique name of the standby database that you are failing over to.

-passwd database-password

The password of the database’s SYS user.