Viewing Tablespace and Segment Space Usage

You can use DBaaS Monitor to view tablespace and segment space usage.

A tablespace is a database storage unit that groups related logical structures together. A tablespace is comprised of datafiles. A segment is a set of extents allocated from a tablespace for a specific database object such as a table or index.

To view space usage information

  1. On the DBaaS Monitor home page, click Online Database Storage. Alternatively, from any DBaaS Monitor page, click Storage from the Database drop-down menu.
    The Storage page displays. If the Oracle database is version 12c or later, the Storage page shows the used and allocated storage space for all tablespaces in the container in the root, and the used and allocated storage space for tablespaces in any pluggable databases. If the Oracle database is version 11g, the Storage page shows the used and allocated space for the entire database.
  2. For an Oracle database version 12c or later, you can click show tablespaces for the container database, or click show tablespaces for each pluggable database.
  3. When you click show tablespaces, a list of tablespaces appears. You can click a tablespace to view its storage information. An interactive report appears, showing the segments that exist within the tablespace. Most segments are user objects, and they include tables, LOBs, and indexes.
  4. On the Segments page, you can refine the list of segments shown by using the filter feature.
    For example, you can search for all the segments for a specific owner (schema) by selecting OWNER from the first drop-down list, entering the owner (schema) name in the box, and clicking the search icon.